Social media as known today represents the best and worst of Internet culture. Humans simultaneously hold the ability to connect with everyone in the world at any moment. The feat of global coordination and communication, while impressive, creates an enormous cloud of frivolous information. Each webpage optimizes for attention capture. The largest companies in the world are built off of ad revenue from algorithms built on the back of individual data footprints. Communities naturally polarize through frustration of feeding the internet firehose and a million knee-jerk reactions. Bring mindfulness into using the internet.

The social influencers of today shape the future of tomorrow

Communal human coordination. This is the purpose of the name named "Frank". What makes FrAnK distinct is cryptocurrency. No need to dig too far into the weeds, but so you understand, the FraNk app allows users to upload content, and then allows users to tip the content creators in DAI stable token. The reason this promotes new forms of coordination is for you to find out.

There are many different features of frAnK, and flexible paths forward. Now armed with the ability to promote a specific brand or cause, and not only get <3 and comments, but receive $$ from the community members... now things get interesting. People can raise for their own brand rather than promote the ad campaign paying them. A strong leader could create a wave of international funding to support catastrophes, political movements, science, arts, and the impoverished.

How to customize your experience

While tipping is useful, the creators of frank want to point out a number of other new methods for online coordination. Rather than merely building online communities from chat, video, and memes, people are now able to coordinate with each other via aggregating resources to leverage in a way that best supports the community and initiative. With that comes a governance layer of coordination. Individuals gathering support for a product or event can vote on the decisions made with the aggregated money, bringing back a system for direct democracy at a simultaneously local and global scale.

For those who DO want to get into the weeds, here's some homework on the idea behind these global coordination mechanisms:

Vitalik Buterin, DAO, DAOs Today, Moloch DAO

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